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Choose our reasonWith advantages of service industry The customer must be conquered by the service
Integrated system designIntegrated system design
With many years of technology and management experience,To deeply understand the needs of the user design production equipment,20+Years of industry experience。
Multiple safety protectionMultiple Security Protection
At present has formed a technology, all kinds of professional and technical team and a well-equipped professional production line。
Energy conservation and environmental protection low energy consumptionEnergy saving and environmental protection
Devoted to the analysis instrument and its corollary equipment research and development、Production、Sales and service。
Perfect after-sales servicePerfect After-sales Service
Adhere to“Strives for realism、Credibility、Service”For the purpose,Select excellent products and advanced research and development technology,To develop the market,With reasonable price and perfect service return customers。
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  Anhui new seiko co., LTD(The original southern anhui huangshan machine tool co., LTD)Located in the world natural and cultural heritage site huangshan mountain foothill。Formerly known as“Shanghai machine tool plant 7”,Was built in1928Years,The former vice-chairman of the National People's Congress (NPC) Hu Jue wen brothers was founded in Shanghai。In the company2003In the restructuring as private enterprises。Company specialized in manufacturing“Mount plate”All kinds of milling machine chain transmission products,Is milling machine branch of China machine tool association and the China national machinery general parts industry association members chain branch factory,Shanghai mechanical and electrical bureau defense industry*Products。Department of anhui province high and new technology enterprise、Manufacturing informationization demonstration enterprises in anhui province,To obtainISO9001Quality system certification、Export product quality permit。Produced by the company“Mount plate”Universal lift milling machine series products,Won“Anhui famous brand product”、“Mount plate”For registered trademark、“Anhui province famous trademark&rd...

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Technical support
V7High speed machining center machine、The electricity、Fluid collection in a body,The characteristics of the technology intensive and knowledge intensive。So,Maintenance personnel should not only have the high-speed machining center machining technology and hydraulic pressure、Pneumatic knowledge,Is the electronic computer、Automatic control、Drive and measurement technology such as knowledge,In this way can we fully understand、To masterV7High speed machining center,Do a good job in maintenance...
If you want toX5042Vertical milling machine tool in cutting process achieve very good effect,In addition to cutting tool itself is of good quality,In addition,Correct application method and use tools,Is also an important factor。In the process,Main or cutting tool machining efficiency and machining of workpiece materials、The machine power、Rotational speed、X5042Vertical milling machine and clamp...
CNC horizontal machining center is for glass mould industry development of high speed high rigidity of machine tool,Have a hole、Tapping、Boring,The function such as milling and deep hole drilling function at a high speed,At the same time apply to clamp body,Cavity machining。Equipment layout for the whole lathe bed base,Horizontal structure,With two units of work.Each unit all layout has three straight axis and two rotating shaft,Each unit configuration...
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